The Indian Film Industry is Expected to Generate Income of Rs. 13,000 in the Next Three Years

The Indian film industry market, globally known as Bollywood , is the second largest film industry in the world. Every unit of the industry, from the directors, actors, music producers to the production centers of Hindi movies are included in the term Bollywood. It is known to be one of the largest film producing countries of the word. The Indian film industry is said to have come into existence in the year 1913. It is known throughout the world for its songs and dances, its genres and its vibrant and lively aura. The movies produced by the industry have a tremendous impact on its viewers.
The Indian film industry is said to be a million dollar house of production that produces extravagance and luxury budget movies of up to 120 cores. This pricey budget goes into the different aspects of movie making like cinematography, special effects, studio renting, set arrangements and costumes. The costliest movie about the Hindi film industry was made at an enormous 135 crores. Joint marketing and revenue share deals are some sources of funds for film producing although recent reports claim that 40 % of films is funded by private sources. One- fourth of the budget is consumed by the advertising sector unit of the film production. Films with high funds create their own websites where the public can view information on the movie and the actors. Today, a wide form of advertising is the Internet and television to publicize movies as most of the ‘common man’ has access to these basic technologies. It is claimed that in the next 7 – 8 years, 50 % of film revenues will be brought in by these forms of media including cell phones and theatre viewing.

Bollywood is also said to have a major effect on the advertising of non-related goods and services produced by companies. This is through celebrity endorsement where actors are cast in advertisements. This form of advertising has a major positive impact on the sale of these goods and services. The Indian film industry is expected to generate income of Rs. 13,000 in the next three years. When it comes to the production of films, India is in a leading position in comparison to the other countries. Nearly 900 to 1000 movies are produced on an annual basis. This is mainly attributed to the advancements in the field of technology. The main concern in the industry deals with the piracy issue resulting in losses of Rs. 500 crores.

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