Indian Water Purifier Market – Filling up revenue of profits

Pure For Sure Water is the most essential component for the survival of human life. Without it the very existence of the human race is unimaginable. Water covers 71% of earth surface which is sea water and only 2.5% of earth’s water is fresh water. That means the amount

A Synopsis of Nuclear power in the United States

Powering up the Superpower  America or commonly known as United States of America, the fourth largest continent as well as country in the world and consisting the third largest population. It comprises of fifty states, sixteen territories and a federal district. Situated between Canada and Mexico spread over an

DTH market of India to cross $5 Billion in next 10 Years

The World of Digital Home Entertainment Remember the days when TV viewing was literally left at the mercy of your local cable operators. The irritation of bad cable reception, annoyance of vanishing channels, the regular cable blackouts and the arrogant behavior of the cable guy. All the above things

Comics – An industry breaching 700 million dollar mark

The fascinating world of comics Childhood days can never be imagined without comics.  Color filled stories of the razor sharp intelligence of Chacha Chaudhury and Tintin, the powerful battles of Sabu and Hulk. The vicious fights of the superheroes like Batman, Superman and Spiderman against the evil villains. The

Indian Railways- India’s economy on wheels

 Train travel has always been an exciting affair. The anxiety to catch the train on time and then the relief after boarding it. To watch the view outside the window of the passing towns, villages and fields, the rattling sound of the wheels of the speeding train, the frequent

Inverters- illuminating the market growth

I got the power!! You are watching your favorite programme on TV and suddenly the electricity goes off. You are celebrating your birthday party and abruptly the power goes off. Your examination is going on and you are preparing for your most difficult subject and unexpectedly, a blackout. This

Books…Reading the Growth Scale

Read to Gain Knowledge Books are said to be man’s best friend. It not only works as a companion for him but also provides infinite knowledge to him. Our association with the books begins right from the childhood. It opens a whole new dimension of knowledge and information for
Apr 4, 2014

Cricket…hitting the economy out of boundary

Howzattt!! Cricket has a huge fan following all around the globe. It is a game that is being played and followed by the millions of people around the world. Originated in the 16th century at England, this game of two batsmen running on 22 yard strip, bowler and eleven

LAPTOPS- Exploring the channels of Growth

The world on my lap Since the dawn of new of the technological era, there has always been an effort to make everything more compact and portable. Devices which you can carry anywhere and use them according to your convenience. Gadgets those are totally cordless and free from the

Military Helicopters – Giving the market growth a Vertical Takeoff

Ready to engage the enemy Helicopters in the modern era of aviation have played a very important role. It’s a type of rotorcraft in which lift and thrust are supplied by rotors and has capability of taking off and landing vertically, fly forwards, backwards, laterally, to hover on the