World Footwear Industry tapping profits all the way till 2018

Kids’ footwear holds a 15% market share in Industry footwear industry Footwear is a commodity highly valued as it is a product which only holds value when present in pair, a single piece of a shoe or a slipper is of no use at all. The global footwear industry

Global Digital Camera Market: sell up to 171.7 million units by 2020

75% of the shipment accounts to compact digital camera units with built in lens Users from all around the world are familiar with digital cameras; the ones which are in built in their smartphones. The market for digital cameras (cams) generally seems to have taken a big beating due

Global Physical Security Market- an industry with unlimited applications and profits

Physical Security Industry safeguarding all   Country wise security has been a tough challenge for all governments worldwide. The growing competition in business and commerce, developments in technology-inventions of newest automated work methods and financial stability are factors which cause threats to developed as well as developing nations. National
Sep 19, 2014


Chinese government pays 55% of the all medical expenditure: China looks a full grown country with regards to its healthcare sector. The number of diseases and mainly the kind of ailments that its citizens suffer from is very similar to that of the developed countries. Although the industry is

Global Fruits and Vegetables Industry-A Complete Insight

Frozen fruits and vegetables industry to reach 22.6 million tons by 2015 Fruits and Vegetables are couple of commodities which cannot be restricted or ignored no matter how costly the economy turns. These are eatables required for livelihood and thus their market is absolutely volatile with proportion to the

Smart Grid Technology-For Eco Friendly Living

Smart Grid, the smarter way to use electric grid The term “Smart Grid” was first heard in the article “Grids get smart protection and control” written by Damir Novosel, Khoi Vu and Miroslaw M. Begovic published in the journal “IEEE Computer Applications in Power”. This was in the late

Commercial Aircraft Seating Industry to have windfall gains by 2017

Aviation seating segment to grow with highest growth rate to China Aviation is a fast growing industry which is preparing for higher growth rates with every passing financial year. It is a sector linked with multiple sub-sectors that either helps in enhancing or declining this growth. Aircraft seating segment

Medical Tourism- Growing in Asia and Worldwide

Medical travel industry to grow at a CAGR of 26.5% for 2003-2015 Medical tourism is also known as medical travel or health tourism; this is a travel plan exclusively planned by patients travelling across country borders for the sake of medical treatment. Certain regions on the globe have an

Indian Personal Care Sector gets a makeover, to be worth $14 billion by 2015

Anti-aging products scores max-growing elderly population worldwide is the reason When was the last time you had a saloon experience? Personal care as an industry has turned equally important to healthcare; and people around the globe seem to understand this much better in recent years the industry has caught

Global Tile Industry to gross $ 92.78 billion by 2015

The economic regression days were hovering for most industries around the globe. Construction sector was one of the worst hit businesses that faced a complete dry phase both in India as well as aboard. Due to this slowdown many sub categories of the industry too were affected and faced