Home Water Purifier Segment in India to spring up by 22% until 2019

Less than 5% of rural market is covered currently More than 77% of the diseases in India have their cause roots to contaminated water. This proves that water pollution and consumption of impure water is a major worrying issue, moreover this has been an ill effect for the economy

LED Lighting System- an option to be explored

Lighting industry to undergo a brighter makeover Hotel industry is the largest in the USA, according to the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) a capital of around $7.5 billion is spent on lighting process alone. This accounts to $2,200 for each room and this is applicable for all the

Optic Fiber Components Market to be Worth $31.3 Billion by 2015

Optic Fiber cables production to go up to 204 million kilometers by 2017 A slightly thicker material than human hair, fiber element made of plastic or silica (extruded glass) which is transparent and elastic is commonly famous as Optical Fiber Cables. Optical fibers are vastly used for optical fiber

Denim Demand in India to Touch 600 Million Pairs by 2015

India is the second largest denim manufacturer in the world India is emerging as one amongst the major makers of denim jeans, which is a popular wearable among people from all age groups, especially teenager boys and girls regularly wear this kind of a trouser as they feel comfy

Fast Food Industry Cooking up Success this 2014

Global Fast Food Industry posted revenue of $ 551 billion Fast food as most of us would be aware is the term given to food items which can be prepared in no time, quickly: within a few minutes. Thus, the fast food industry is also famous as the “quick

Trends in the Travel and Tourism Industry in India by 2024

By 2024, India to have more than 13.34 million international tourists The bygone year 2013 wasn’t as bright as one had expected. Most of the industries were crawling slow and hardly had anything to cheer about, excluding industries like Information Technology (IT) and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) which

Ebola Virus Infection –Latest Threat to Mankind

Early Symptoms: Fever, Sore Throat, Weakness, Muscular Pains In last few days’ one word seem to be displeasingly omnipresent, it’s a disease form named Ebola Virus and the most worrying fact is its known nature and lesser known details. Though there is no specific information about the killing virus

Memory Card Market to Gross $ 21.3 Billion by 2018

Nowstore everything and anything you desire Technology has had multiple face changes since its evolution, completion of difficult activities, completing them within a limited time-frame and so on. In present day, one is able to go about anything from developing, designing and modifying a number of technologies for numerous

By 2018, Metrology Market to be Valued Beyond $720 BN

Industries use multiple metrology systems to attain utmost accuracy Metrology in simple words is the science of measurement. It includes both practical and theoretical aspects of measurement; it basically has three sub sections which are Scientific & Fundamental metrology, Applied, Industrial and Technical metrology and Legal metrology. In order

2014 a Milestone Year for Middle East Telecom Industry

Iran is the largest mobile market in terms of subscription Soon after touching the 200 million mark in mobile subscription, the Middle East region is now peaking to cross the 300 million. The sector as per the experts of the industry is likely to cross the mark by the