Printing Industry- An Overall Global Review

Print Industry enjoys a total of 51 country market worldwide Printing is an activity of reproduction an image or any content on a paper or any suitable surface using ink. This is an industrial process and is carried out in a major scale; it is presently used for publishing

Image Recognition System-The future of Identification

The industry is estimated a CAGR growth of 21.6% for 2014-19 Image Recognition is a modern technology that enables a computer to understand things. This method of putting up things is also known as a computer’s way of grasping things in the form of images and reproducing important information
Jul 30, 2014

Asian Demand triggers the Global Rubber Market

Global rubber market elastics profits, thanks to Asian demand Rubber is a natural product. It is in widespread usage in our routine daily life and almost is ubiquitous helping the world in countless activities. Rubber is waterproof, a bad conductor of electricity and is completely elastic in nature making

Home Appliances Industry to witness healthy CAGR by 2018

Rising Household Disposable Income resulting in profits Household appliances can be segmented into electronic as well as mechanical devices which are useful in handling household functions. Technically, they are further sectioned into three subcategories-White goods or Major appliances, Brown goods or Small appliances and Shiny goods or Consumer appliances.

B2C Ecommerce Global Sales to touch $1,500 trillion in 2014

The sector’s grown more than 20% for an annum E-marketers around the global have some real good news coming this year as their looks jam packed with business activities. The B2C (Business to Consumer) segment of the e-commerce trade is looking upward as heavy growth rates are expected in

Dental Implant Industry Growing in Asia and Beyond

India and China hold major markets for dental care industry Dental care is an integral part of health care. Most people do not pay the required attention to their oral health and face problems like tooth ache, gums ache/bleeding and breathe odor problems. All this result in a profit

Indian Media and Entertainment Industry to boom to INR 1,786 bn by 2018

The sector grew at a CAGR of 11.8% in 2013 India is a country of different cultures; it is amongst the countable nations that houses people coming from various backgrounds, separate castes, religions and creeds. They yet live together in peace and harmony. The country for this specialty is

Paper Industry-forecast 2014-2018

Bailing out a stable performance First the world economy strike down, then the slow speed recovery, lowered customer demand and tough competition from electronic mediums along with increasing prices of energy required. Problems are plenty but the paper industry stands upright with impressive sustaining power. The entire 2013, one

Energy Drinks Rejuvenating Sales Globally

The industry to grow at a CAGR of 13.38% in between 2013 and 2018 There are a bunch of companies with their brands of energy drinks, in fact; their numbers have shot up tremendously in the recent few years. The rise in competition is due to the universal market

Wall covering market to be valued $29 billion by the year 2017

Demand for wallpaper products is estimated to grow by 7.3% annually From a dull economy in the year 2010, things have picked up well for the home and commercial décor products, especially the wallpaper products have seen tremendous profit making phases. The wallpaper section of the interior décor industry